Business Security

Our main objective is to give our corporate clients peace of mind. Leading the way in corporate security, the Public Security Agency serves a wide variety of clients, from middle managers to chief executives. All business clients, from Fortune 500 organizations to start-up businesses, require safety for their assets and personnel.

The management team of Public Security Agency oversees a web-based, round- the-clock workforce of professionals that have undergone rigorous training to become corporate performance security officers. We understand that satisfied customers are both the beginning and the conclusion of our success. To ensure that all our clients’ needs are met, we go above and above by instilling in our officers the Public Security Agency business-protection mindset.

Event Crew

Excellent event security personnel is one of Public Security Agency’ core competencies. For any event, from a one-day suburban car show and church activities to some of the biggest and most well-known multi-day festivals, our clients can always count on the best security experience. We provide uniformed, armed, unarmed, and roving patrols to take whatever steps are required to ensure that the needs of our clients are met. For a free security analysis, get in touch with us.


In the hotel and hospitality sectors, the Public Security Agency has established itself as a leading player. No of the size of our client’s hotel events, we provide discreet guards, first-rate service, and peace of mind. We are there to ensure your guests are as content and safe as possible, whether we are merely the chosen provider or overseeing the security operations for the rest of your hospitality organization.

The contrast is amazing when compared to our skilled crew, which is built to handle any security issue. In addition to improving the client experience, the environment is greatly strengthened and improved. Officers always act in the best interests of the club owner while providing the best nightlife experience for their customers.


Executive and VIP Protection

Businessmen, politicians, actors, CEOs, and other Very Important People (VIP) are frequently the targets of terrorists and criminals looking to attack, kidnap, hold for ransom, make a political statement, or obtain media attention or retaliation. Without an effective VIP security plan in place, there is a risk of harm or even death.

The necessity for an experienced Executive Protection Agent is more than ever now since threats can come from anywhere in the world. The secret to reducing risk is developing an advance plan by touring every stop on a customer’s schedule before the client arrives. Our agents evaluate potential threats, gather protective intelligence, and then draft a security plan that details all entries and exits, principal and secondary routes, the closest trauma centers, safe rooms, and restrooms. At every location, agents meet with important employees and are prepared with backup plans in case of an emergency.

To its clients, Public Security Agency owes a duty of life or death. We have workman’s compensation and armed liability insurance to protect our clients from any legal action brought about by the potential use of lethal force. In-house security is often a source of potential liability for an individual or organization, but our company minimizes risk and liability in this area.

For each client and each area, they frequently visit, the Public Security Agency keeps an updated advance information library.

Response & Lockup

In order to provide check-up, lock-up, and response in the South region and Chicago Area, the Public Security Agency is open 24/7. The opening and closing of your business premises during risky times can pose a security risk if your industry necessitates early morning or late-night activities. Why not let the professionals handle it? In addition to truck yards, information technology hubs, swimming pools, cemeteries, laundry facilities, recreation areas, parks, and many other kinds of infrastructure hubs, we offer all kinds of lock ups.

No matter what time you need the facility opened or closed, we are open around-the-clock, 365 days a year. We give a written report on the property’s security situation throughout this time. We make a note of any out-of-service lights, property damage, or potential hazards. The client receives the report quickly through email, along with any relevant images.

  • Response. Why should false alarms be penalized? Why should you have to wait for the cops to show up only to respond to a security breach? Professionally trained security officers from Advanced Security Solutions will react swiftly, evaluate the situation, and then take the required steps to involve the police if necessary. Most police and fire agencies just inspect the outside of the building and residence when they respond to an alert. Both the interior and the entire property will be examined. Along with locking up your building, we’ll also reset the alarm.
  • Monitoring Services Our well-versed mobile patrol in uniform is on duty to unlock, lock, activate, and deactivate your alarm system. This flexible, affordable service is offered all year long and may be customized to fit the needs and schedule of your company.
  • Services for key holders. Along with vacation-home checks, lock-out help, and an on-call, fast alarm response, we offer homeowners of the area. These homeowner services supplement the security measures now offered by alarm companies to offer total house protection.


Emergency Services

The top security guards in the industry will be sent to your location in an emergency by the Public Security Agency. Anywhere in the state of Illinois, we promise to dispatch a qualified, certified, insured, and uniformed emergency guard in three hours or less.

For all our clients that oversee several departments of their businesses, we have established ourselves as an indispensable quick response emergency service.

Our emergency staffing offers the following: 
  • Three-hour response time promise.
  • scheduling, operations, and accounting are all covered by a single point of contact.
  • For 24/7 access to our live dispatchers, dial one Phone number.
  • Every customer has access to a professional security communications team, never an answering machine.
  • Confirmation of every security guard during every shift.
  • Options for both short- and long-term security coverage are offered.
Quick Response:

Call Public Security Agency whenever you have a need because emergency coverage is our area of expertise.


A wide selection of private investigator services are provided by Public Security Agency. In order to obtain data and proof, we use cutting-edge surveillance technologies. We employ clandestine cars, night-vision cameras, GPS tracking, and cutting-edge databases.

Our business is well recognized in the field for using top-notch and cutting-edge methods in our investigative techniques. Our investigators have a wealth of experience in undercover law enforcement work. These detectives are very competent and are aware of what it takes to gather the proof our customers require in a covert operation.


Our unique protocol consists of:

  • Secret video monitoring
  • Domestic Problems
  • Criminal / Civil
  • GPS Tracking
  • Operations Using Hidden Cameras
  • Infidelity/Divorce


The Public Security Agency Residential Patrol Units are qualified to offer the security you require for your safety and peace of mind at home, whether you live in a posh condominium in an urban high-rise, a luxury single-family home or townhome in a gated suburban community, or your company oversees a sizable rental apartment complex.

Our residential patrol officers go above and beyond the requirements for state and federal training. Each Residential Patrol Officer has received many hours of training, significantly more than what is required by the state of Illinois.

At Public Security Agency, we give our Residential Patrol Officers the best training possible so they can give our clients first-rate services. Additionally, in order to meet your needs, our Residential Patrol officers frequently collaborate with numerous neighborhood police units.

If illegal acts occur on private property, the property owner may face legal concerns. Due to state and federal legislation, the police agencies that serve these communities will not enforce the rules and regulations of condominium associations, homeowner associations, or apartment complexes.

Public Security Agency Residential Patrol units will serve as the body responsible for maintaining order and enforcing laws and bylaws. Additionally, we are prepared to testify in court on behalf of the communities we are tasked with defending. (Expert witness testimony will incur additional fees.) Units that conduct residential patrols make sure your property is always tidy and crime-free.

Additional Services

  • Purchasing Security
  • Background Checks
  • Security Measurement and Consulting court representation for clients serving as process
  • Security Education
  • Home Visiting Health
  • Checks
  • Off Duty Officers
  • Universities & Colleges/Commercial Real Estate